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Luis Acurero studied performing and plastic arts at “CASARTES” located in South America, a project of a renowned Venezuelan artist, Jacobo Borges. Afterwards, he studied graphic design and illustration in Caracas, Venezuela between 2001 and 2006. During this period he travelled and explored through Venezuela searching for his own artistic language. Years later he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he was highly influenced by the bonaerense street art which is remarkable in his work.

 In 2009 he moved to Bogotá, Colombia where he started a new stage in his work adding new skills to his future projects like silkscreen, collage and digital technics. In 2011 was chosen by the gallery “Casa Cuadrada” to be part of the 10th salon of national art and diversity where he was one of the 30 artists selected to be represented by the gallery.

 During this time he was part of many collective expositions, in 2012 and 2013 he began to venture into the international contemporary art scene. The gallery “Casa Cuadrada” took him back to his natal Venezuela where he participated in the XXI and XXII International art salon of Venezuela. By 2019 he decided to jump into the New York art scene and for the first time, he is exploring mural art as a way to share his ideas and work with the world.


 Artist Statement


When faced with a blank canvas a need for expression emerges, without giving great importance to error. That exact thin line never claims to be anything, yet soon comes alive and the blank space becomes a game through which it seeks to capture the creative experience.


The work itself becomes an encrypted message that contains the madness and beauty of everyday life in which day by day it immerses us and fills our lives with meaning. The work product of this visceral passion to enjoy the present here and now, is not complete with the last stroke, it’s open to be interpreted by the observer. Their emotions, way of seeing and relating to the world is what gives the final point to this creation.

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